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What we do

“we provide the leadership to open pathways for success by encouraging limitless possibilities.” 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Sampson Family Foundation website. 

As young kids, we were fortunate to have two wonderful parents who are still with us today. Our loving parents taught us life skills, a strong work ethic and the respect and love of family and friends. They continually supported our dreams and, sadly, this is not the case for all children. It is with this instilled belief and lucid vision we are supporting specific initiatives to make the dreams of others come true. 


Everyone deserves a chance to live their life to its fullest and greatest potential. 


The Sampson Family Foundation mission is to Lead, Innovate + Transform the communities that we live in and be truly impactful. We invite you to peruse our website learning more about our various initiatives, unique efforts, the variety of events and be inspired by the range of great work we do in unison with our partners. 


We would be honored if you choose to support any of our initiatives by making a tax deductible gift. 

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

our values


—Start Here—

We are committed to delivering programs and experiences consistent with our beliefs and our mission to educate and train communities that we live in. 


—Our Passion—

We wake up everyday with the drive to uplift and improve the lives of others in the communities we support. The enthusiasm of our volunteers is key as we work together to fulfill our  goals and make our vision become a successful and meaningful reality.


—Our Drive—

Success requires forward thinking and a flexible approach. With every initiative we embark upon, we must challenge the status quo and create a stronger, more confident environment to help others manage their thoughts and claim their lives for success.


—Dreams Work—

The sum of our combined efforts are greater than any individual contribution. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate and build mutually-beneficial partnerships which align with our values and further our initiatives.

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